Australian Postcodes iPhone Application Released

Posted by zebrafive on September 25, 2008
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Download version 1.0 of Australian Postcodes now on the iPhone App Store.

Australian Postcodes is a simple iPhone application that allows you to search for Australian postcode information.

Version 1.0 of the application allows you to search by state, postcode or the first part of the locality name. For example, a search for “Syd” would return:

Download it now from the iPhone App Store.


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2 Comments to Australian Postcodes iPhone Application Released

Dr Nic
September 29, 2008

Very cool. Perhaps in a future version you can lowercase/capitalcase the words; ALL CAPS LOOKS LIKE SHOUTING :)

I know that’s how the data feed comes, though my frail human senses need to squash CAPITALS wherever I see them :)

October 25, 2008

@Dr Nic – Thanks for your suggestion – in version 1.1 (currently in development) we have now removed all of THE CAPITALS and are using Correct Case.

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